Be Bad At It


Gave self permission to do a (terrible) paint sketch today. First in years and certainly since I’ve regained the use of my arm. Yes, I really do have to prime canvas. Yes, my manual dexterity (is shit). Yes, (ūüí©) = ūü§°

But happiness was being lost in the doing of it…





My brilliant idea…

…was to trick us into blogging by making it very easy. Very nonthreatening, quick to pull off. Without noticing, we’d find ourselves savvy habbitual bloggers, knowing how to give proper credit, maintain our privacy, use a content calendar, all without using a lot of energy.

Like good a lay, however, I have come to realize that lengthy uncensored and frequent effort may be more enticing.

So.¬†I see one of you as a curatrix, a collectress, of information and wisdom. Cataloguing, ¬†wikifying, and decimating with sardonic wit. Like the last surviving ninja librarian drinking coffee in space with tit perspective. So your blog being the wild and rambling star trek in service of whatever knowledge and cause and against all odds appeals to me. Even if the odds against you are just inertia and apathy, I’m fascinated.

I see the other of you as a star,¬†lighting your own path,¬†plagued by a lack of progress cause you can’t see the¬†map. A¬†DarkStar Cartographer.¬†Hence the bullet journal tracker obsession, you dark and glinty thing. If you leave markers (blog posts?) you can look back and see where you’ve been. Maybe get a better idea of¬†where you’re going. Maybe realize you *can* light the way for others, and *ahem* raises hand.

Me? I’ve lost everything I loved so many times now, I feel like the only way to get something is to say I don’t want it.¬†Locked into a battle of reverse psychology with the universe; I’m exhausted, it’s exhausted. Neither of us¬†want this (which is why I have it) so ¬†its all about Change. Change embraced every step, decision, and day at a time. Incremental but linked and connected to the bigger picture. I want my life to be different; I want to live it differently. I want to be allowed to want.

Which pokes my brain right in the fear button. Well, it’s time to look fear in the eye and take notes. Time to be the Jane Goodall of Fears.

I want to blog my way through my experiences of artist block, poverty, addiction, chronic illness, the technological learning¬†curve (as well as their opposites, dammit). My obsessions with habit, game and stress psychology that I assume would bore everyone I know IRL. My¬†blog¬†could have been Her¬†Experience of Everything or Whatever I’m Trying to Figure Out…but I’m thinking not so much Live Journal. A little more how-to, don’t do,¬†and who knew.

After all, it’s the¬†shit we do anyway that I want us to capture. A quote here, a link, a snapshot there. Not the whole everything. Not this post.

(Read Austen Kleon’s Show Your Work!¬†It says what I’m trying to say, only so much better, more quickly, and with drawings. Best explanation ever, 5-6 bucks Kindle version.)


Let’s find our¬†fellow dorks! Wherever in their knowledge communities or help them build what’s needed, have relationships built from shared passions. Our¬†tribe in the ether.¬†Ask questions,¬†learn a lot, maybe share a few things, help a few people.¬†Also, this text editor is crap unless Advanced is toggled on.

So your Parameters or Rules to Break are:

  • Take my nonspecific (to protect your identity, and therefore inaccurate) goobery imagining¬†and write your own exploratory post on what your blog might be. You do not have to write well. You do not have to make sense or use periods
  • Extra credit
    • Link to blogs you like.
    • Use less words than I did and lots more pictures.
    • Comment on each others’ blogs. (If your identity isn’t private enough, fix it and then tell post about it. I could use the info.)
  • Show Off Credit
    • Put your blogs in an actual blog roll that’s its own thing on your blog
    • Share what you learned
    • Make a virtual bookshelf where you can put recommendations (squee)
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